Vecter is... really hard to define at the moment. It is a pet project I'm working on as a hobby. A cute little endless runner / racer for my and everyobody else's enjoyment.

It's something I do in my spare time. More information to be made available... as I think of it really. Oh here's something I thought of! How about an FAQ section! Faq's are cool right?


  • Question: When is it coming out?

    Answer: It's out... sort of, in early access. It's something?

  • Question: Where can I get it?

    Answer: Right now, a few different places:

  • Question: What's the damage?

    Answer: It's free.

  • Question: How come?

    Answer: This game is basically the result of me doing what I love, coding. I develop software professionally but making games is a whole different feeling. It's expressive and creative which relaxes me greatly, so I treat it as a hobby. Right now I don't want any money for it because I don't take it too seriously, it's just a fun thing to do you know?

  • Question: How can I help?

    Answer: Just share it around. Show it to your friends, your Mom and/or your dog. Blast it on social media, or paint a mural with it somewhere. I just want people to know of it and try it. Some will like it, some won't, and both are okay. I'm just hoping it will brighten someone's day. Also if you do like it, grab my twitter or discord from the side-bar and tell me! I love hearing that people enjoy it.

  • Enquiry: Can I use footage from your game in my YouTube or Twitch videos?

    Answer: Go Bananas! There are two requests I have of you: Credit the game somewhere so people know what it is in case they are curious and link me to the video because I love YouTube. Just hmu @taranasus with the link.

  • Enquiry: Can I use my own music in game?

    Answer: Yes! If you go to Vecter's installation folder you can drop any MP3 that you may like into the music folder and on its next start, the game will pick them up automatically and you can enjoy your own custom experience.

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