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About Taranasus's Vecter

Hi There!

It's so strange seeing an about page right? They feel so vintage... Anyway thanks for playing Taranasus's Vecter! I, Taranasus, hope you had fun trying your hand at a few races and maybe even getting on the leaderboards.

Vecter started as a hobby project intended to help me relax in my spare time, but it evolved into so much more. I'm trying my best to make Vecter a completely free game on all platforms. I believe that there is a shortage of truly free games in the market, something you can just download and knock about for a few minutes or a few hours without having to commit to a rigorous competitive scene, a complex microtransaction ecosystem or a daily play schedule.

As such Vecter is, and will forever remain FREE. There are no micropayments, no lootboxes, no paywalls for content. If you download Vecter you download the whole game, straight out of the box no questions asked and I very much intend to keep it that way until I either run out of money or Vecter runs out of players.

So why do you do it then? What's in it for you?

Honestly, I started out building Vecter for the fun of it and I'm pretty much still doing it for the same reason. I have a full-time job and currently am footing the bill on almost all game costs (servers, gaming events, store sign-up fees, etc).

The way I hope to make some money and support the game costs as they grow with the user-base is through donations and people's generosity. The game should be free to play for everyone, and if someone wants to help out with the cost aspect of it, I'm overjoyed and more than thankful for their contributions.

Help keep Vecter Free

If you wish to do so, I thank you in advance as that is very generous of you. You are not only helping me keep the game alive but helping others potentially less privileged than both of us, enjoy Vecter and have something to play without any financial commitments.

There are a few ways you can help out:

  • Spread the word! Vecter doesn't have a budget, and it especially doesn't have a marketing budget. Word of mouth is super important so if you think the game's worth trying, share it with everyone you think may enjoy it. Here's the steam link.

  • Make a one-time donation. These donations go back into the game's development or promotion one way or another. Gaming expos, give-away merch, server costs, development tools, all of these things can be very expensive so every little helps.

  • Purchase the Donation DLC Pack If you don't want to leave Steam's ecosystem, you don't have to. You can show your support for Vecter by purchasing this DLC and you'll also get a few bits and bobs with it. The DLC does not and never will provide any additional in-game content as that goes against my philosophy but I'll keep adding pictures and videos to that pack over time. Think of it kind of like a digital artbook.

  • Become a Patreon. This is, of course, a bit more involved than one-time donations since it's a recurring monthly thing, but it does come with some serious benefits. The various donation tiers will let you shape Vecter's future by voting on the priority of features to be implemented in the game OR proposing new features yourself. See the Patreon page for more details. Currently, all Patreon donations go straight into server maintenance cost but I'm hoping that, as the game grows, I'll reach a point where I can make developing Vecter my full-time job and live off of the donations. It's a far-fetched dream, I know, but the dream of making a videogame is now a reality so hopefully, I can push my luck just a little more.

  • Bitcoin donations. For the more tech-savy of you out there, I also have a bitcoin address where I accept donations. Yes I do think CryptoCurrency is the future, No I have no idea if it's going to be Bitcoin or Ethereum or something else and no I have absolutely no clue which way the price is going at any point in time. I just HODL mine and spend some, when appropriate, to develop Vecter.

    BTC Address: bc1qvcyvk605a56kt6rmfm0gz2e26ul5ry67phagrj

@taranasus - Discord Server - @taranasus_dev