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Privacy Policy

Justin Popa (owner of Taranasus's Vecter) does not collect any personal identifiable data from the users of the videogame Vecter or from any other source. The two pieces of information that are collected are the nicknames submitted by the users when they post a high score to the leaderboard and a hashed number that uniquely identifies the device Taranasus's Vecter (the videogame) was run on, without containing any information about the device itself or its owner. The two pieces of data are not linked to each other and as such no relation between the two (nickname and mac address) can be established.

Justin Popa will never sell, exchange, transfer, or give any information collected to any third party, ever. If you're in Taranasus's Vecter (the videogame) or on its website ( and click on a link to a third party, you'll be forwarded to a separate site with an independent privacy policy, for which I am not liable. Please make sure to read the terms carefully if you leave our site!

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