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VecterCraft is a fan-built recreation of Vecter inside of Minecraft made by @RoboPixels. ] Yes you read that right, it's a hobbyist's game made after a hobbyist's game. How's that to blow your mind?

Robo has been working on VecterCraft for a long time now, and this is the second iteration of it. The first one, while a very accurate reproduction had a lot of performance issues and was not compatible with multiplayer, so Robo decided to start from scratch with the second iteration.

While no longer a 100% accurate reproduction of Vecter, it has become so much more with features not present in Vecter itself like multiplayer, steering, bending road, colour-changing background

VectorCraft is becoming a game in its own right and I think everyone should head on to the VecterCraft server and give it a try

  • Minecraft: Java 1.14.4
  • Server IP:

Why you still here? GO PLAY!

P.S. For any problems with VecterCraft, bug Robo not me! You can also find him, as well as talk about the game, on the #vectercraft channel on the Vecter Discord Server

IP: VecterCraft.Net
Minecraft: 1.14.4 Java

Discord Server

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